Best Clean Room HVAC Equipment and System

Mak clean is a remarkable exporter of Clean Room HVAC Equipment. A clean room is a location in which contamination is controlled by some set of grades. The temperature, structure, moisture and air inflow patterns pressure are consisted to minimize the product & retention of dust crumbs inside the room. High-quality Durable Clean Room HVAC System used for scientific research, pharmaceutical & medical industries, where product quality & employee well being are major concerns.HVAC is mainly the most composite and eloquent system of a cleanroom installation as the HVAC is inclined to check air hygiene, temperature, moisture, and stress. Design, investment, appointing, and credentials of Clean Room Equipment is one of the top meditations in numerous industries, mainly for pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.

A reliable Indian Clean Room HVAC Equipment requires a high standard structure & should build with fences that are waterproof & have smooth internal closings for easy cleaning. These rooms generally maintained appreciative pressure, so compact construction is critical which helps in shirking overuse of air & conserving positive pressure. The clean rooms buildings set up using popular ways even so internal finale should be allowed in a way so it serves the clean room. These qualitative Turnkey clean rooms are manufactured using quality raw material & bearing bottommost technology under the counsel of professionals.

Specifications :

Type Progressive / Non Progressive
Panel thickness 25/50/80/100 mm (Infil + Return Raisers)
Skin thickness 0.6/0.8 mm
Moc Pre Coated GI / Powder coated / HPLC / GRP On Galvanized Sheets
Infil ( optional) 40 Kg / m of PUF
3 15 kg / m of EPS
3 80 kg / m of Rock Wool
Panel to Panel Joint Extruded Aluminum / GI profile
Sealing Caulked Silicone sealing applied at all Joints