Clean room flooring is available in either tiles or sheet goods. It is recommended that cleanrooms rated class 10,000 or cleaner use 4 or 5 foot wide roll stock in which the seams are heat welded to form a crevice free flooring. The sheet material is typically extended about 4 inches up the wall to form the coving. A large rounded corner is created to allow for good cleaning. A no wax material is provided to ensure contamination free surface.

A good quality, commercial grade of seamless, wax less flooring is a critical component of a good cleanroom design. Most contamination in a cleanroom ends up being on the floor. Having a surface which permits a complete removable of particulates is critical.

Our seamless specialty clean room flooring and wall coatings assist life science and advance technology facilities in maintaining their classified clean room environmental standards.

Racks and crevices are where dust and microbes begin their dirty work. Our high performance bacteriostatic and fungi static floor coating systems help reduce the concern of contamination by eliminating these breaches in wall and floor surfaces, as well as furnishing additional unique benefits to clean spaces, such as:

The special needs of clean room facilities are met and exceeded with our selection of cutting-edge flooring for clean space operations.

Clean Room Flooring Sub Categories :

  • Epoxy Flooring
  • PU Flooring
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