Laminar air flows can maintain a working area devoid of contaminants. Many medical and research laboratories require sterile working environments in order to carry out specialized work. MAK Laminar Air Flow units are used throughout industry. MAK units offer a combination of highly filtered air, laminar air flow and airflow patterns to enable Operator Protection, Product Protection or Environmental Protection or a combination of all three. MAK Laminar Air Flow Units may offer either horizontal or vertical airflow patterns. They incorporate as a minimum two stage filtration with “course” pre filtration and final absolute HEPA filtration to 99.997% efficiency.

Material of Construction : GI powder coated, SS 304, SS 316

  • Two stage filtration up to HEPA- H14 level
  • High Efficiency Direct Driven blowers
  • Statically & Dynamically balanced Motor setup (FLP/Non FLP)
  • Ceiling suspended LAF
  • LAF Cabinets
    • Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Unit Cabinet
    • Vertical Laminar Air Flow Unit Cabinet
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