Clean Room HVAC will play a critical role in to maintain the Clean Room indoor air parameters like Temperature , Relative humidity (RH) , Pressure , Sound , Control Air bone particle presents in the air. It include lot of components and systems to achieve indoor air quality and requirement.

HVAC includes below major items /Parts .

  • Low side HVAC
  • High side HVAC
    • Chilling unit
      • Air Cooled Condensing units (DX System )
      • Air Cooled Chiller
      • Water Cooled Chiller
    • Cooling Tower
    • Chilled water pumps, Cooling water pumps
    • Required Valves & Accessories like Butterfly valve, NRV’s, Expansion Joints etc
    • Piping with Insulation
    • Manifolds with 2 way /3 way modulating valve with actuators
    • Measuring instruments for Temperature, Pressure and Fluid Flow
    • Air Handling units
    • Ducting with insulation
    • Fire dampers, Volume control damper with required actuators
    • HEPA Modules
    • Return Air raisers
    • Aluminum grills / diffusers with volume control damper ..etc.
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