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Wall Panels

A complete range of Partition walls and Ceiling systems are available to meet the technical specification of controlled environment rooms. Both ceiling/partitions are inert, non

Pre fabricated sandwich panel of width 1170 mm and 6mtr long panels.


Type : Progressive / Non Progressive

Panel thickness : 25/50/80/100 mm (Infil + Return Raisers)
Skin thickness : 0.6/0.8 mm
Moc : Pre Coated GI / Powder coated / HPLC / GRP On Galvanized Sheets
Infil ( optional) : 40 Kg / m of PUF
3 15 kg / m of EPS
3 80 kg / m of Rock Wool
Panel to Panel Joint : Extruded Aluminum / GI profile
Sealing : Caulked Silicone sealing applied at all Joints


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