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Modular Operation Theaters in India

Modular operation theaters in India are gaining popularity. MAK Clean Air Systems (P) Ltd. has utmost experience in modular operation theaters in India. We have the state-of-art facility for manufacturing modular wall panels for laboratories, related products, and accessories. By adhering to the NABH guidelines, we offer the best quality modular operation theaters in India at affordable prices with on-time delivery schedules. Our engineers customize the modular operation theaters as per your requirement and provide the best quality designs as per site conditions.

Functionality of modular operation theatres

Modular operation theatres are used in hospitals where surgical operations are carried out in a sterile environment. Modular operation theatre is a unique feature where cleanliness and sterile conditions are maintained by using Modular prefabricated panels, Antibacterial flooring's, Laminar Flow Units, HEPA Filters and Air Handling Units.

Modular operation theatres have an edge over conventional operational theatres. They create less noise and are easily cleanable, thereby maintaining hygiene within the hospital.

Get all your queries answered about modular operation theatres, write to us at or call +91-40-27200284.

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