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Laboratory Sampling Booths

MAK Clean Air Systems (P) Ltd. offers a wide range of laboratory sampling booths. We have the state-of-art facility for manufacturing laboratory cleanroom pass boxes. The enclosure of sampling booth has controlled temperature and humidity to ensure product quality. They also provide a safe, contamination free environment.

Demystifying laboratory sampling booths principle

Sampling booth works on the principle of recirculation of air and ensures that the cloud formed by the material is absorbed in the natural pattern and is arrested by filters. Air is pulled away from the user through filters and re-circulated through ceiling-mounted high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. The air is supplied back to the work zone with the help of HEPA filters. A negative pressure environment is maintained inside the booth.

Advantages & applications of laboratory sampling booths

  • Easy installation and relocation
  • Tempered glass for safety
  • Contamination-free environment

Laboratory sampling booths are widely used for guard rooms, parking booths, toll booths, security booths, scientific R & D, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and pathology.

Should you have any query about laboratory sampling booth, write to us at or call +91-40-27200284.

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